What we offer?

From its beginnings in 2000, RUBEROID has acquired of continued form a notable experience, in constructive systems, positioning itself at the sector like a company of recognized prestige; Thanks to the great quantity of works accomplished, of industrial edification, commercial centers and singular buildings ( sports, corporate, all-purpose pavilions ); Adapting to the needs of the moment, contributing the best-suited and advantageous solutions for each construction.


The Engineering Department of RUBEROID, point all his resources to offer some insuperable solutions for his customers, maintaining a tall level of liking and satisfaction. RUBEROID contributes constructive solutions adapting to the needs and its customers’s requirements, offering the best material in panels Sandwich for façade and cover, skylights, refrigeration chambers, interior separations, etc.


Taking care of our customers’s needs, we contributed the most efficacious and creative solutions; Maintaining a continuous communication, listening to doubts and proposals that can happen, looking for the best-suited solution. Offering esthetic and technological alternatives maintaining an excellent relation price/date/design/quality.


RUBEROID is a manufacturer of metal structure and has manufacturing machinery, cranes and proper for assembly, both conventional girder structure and staff.


RUBEROID builds one a great variety of profiles and panels for systems of covers and façades, skylights, cooling systems, accessories . Creating an architectonic unequalled harmony in aggregate. Besides the experience acquired in the numerous realized works, Our staff is ones of the most recognized at the sector.


Mastery and acquired experience through of the years in the realized works, where RUBEROID from his creation in Spain in 2000, it concedes us a technological formation in projects and studies at industrial architectonic construction, leader at his sector. RUBEROID places itself like a fundamental adviser for the creation of any project, combining every kind of technological creations, mixing geometry, design and vanguard at the service of the most demanding customers.


There is a technical department which is able to optimize any type of project-level calculation and design, playing with different materials and always looking at our client’s pocket for that investment is just and necessary.