GRUPO RUBEROID, S.L. As a company dedicated to the manufacture of steel structures, is aware that the quality and control of factory production is a necessity to direct or manage a high quality organization in its services and products, looking for its survival in the medium and long term term through maximum efficiency in the use of all resources and taking as a guide the satisfaction of the clients and the normative and legal compliance.

A management system is established that includes factory production control based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN 1090-1: 2011 + A1: 2012 standards, which the Management commits to continuously comply with and improve.

Through this quality policy, the Management communicates its commitment to the personnel of compliance with the following requirements:

  • Commitment to maintain a management system, production control in the factory and continuous improvement of the results of our services and products and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for the manufacture of metal structures.
  • Integrate the organization’s policy into the management strategy of our activity, using quality criteria and production control in the planning and decision-making processes.
  • Provide a framework for the establishment of quality objectives.
  • Analyze the context of our organization and identify and evaluate the possible risks or threats that influence the development of our activity.
  • Satisfy the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as the internal stakeholders.
  • Comply with the legislation, regulations and applicable legal requirements and others that affect aspects of both our service and the products that are manufactured generated by industrial activity.
  • Inform, train and sensitize our workers, so that together with the appropriate technological means ensure the quality of our products and services, while doing a responsible job applying the best labor practices.
  • Work with suppliers and subcontractors committed to the constant improvement of our services and products and to guarantee the quality and / or competitive price of these. And communicate and involve them to fulfill the commitments of our organization.
  • Continuously identify the environmental impacts generated by the activity of the company.
  • Implement the necessary corrective and preventive measures for the prevention and elimination of the causes of non-conformities, in order to achieve an improvement in the quality of the service and in the control of the production of the metallic structures.
  • Perform audits, reviews of the system and establish and review the objectives and goals at the level of quality of our service on an annual basis.

For the fulfillment of this policy, the collaboration and participation of all the staff of GRUPO RUBEROID, S.L. and it is achieved with the communication of the policy and the adequate formation and application of the management system for the treatment of all the aspects related to the quality and the control of the factory production.