Our policy

GRUPO RUBEROID, S.L. As a company dedicated to the manufacture of steel structures, is aware that the quality and control of factory production is a necessity to direct or manage a high quality organization in its services and products, looking for its survival in the medium and long term term through maximum efficiency in the use of all resources and taking as a guide the satisfaction of the clients and the normative and legal compliance.


The importance in delivery time, it is a fundamental pillar to take care of the commitment acquired with our customers. Taking into account the numerous factors that can determine the delay in a work, cut like delays in the occupation that precedes us, meteorological inclemencies, changes in the project, etc. However in spite of what’s mentioned, RUBEROID has a very tall level in the fulfillment of the fixed terms for each project. Being this virtue one of the most recognized for our customers.

Labor risks

A fundamental objective for RUBEROID is keeping on maintaining your accidentabilidad zero; The one that we endow our staff of the most modern teams of individual and collective protection for. RUBEROID works continuously with the Prevention Service, in order to achieve a functioning of the preventive activity, achieving that a fundamental tool for the adequate execution is this to his projects.


Nuestro Departamento de I+D tiene por cometido un continuo desarrollo en la construcción industrial, permaneciendo a la vanguardia en cualquier sistema y mejorando la estética y el medio ambiente. Siempre cumpliendo con las más severas normas de calidad algo que sinceramente nos define como empresa.

Sustainable growth

RUBEROID accomplishes its works attending to the Policy Environmental more demanding, providing an adequate integration at its surroundings, minimizing to the full the ecological damages and contamination.

Quality certificates

AENOR certificate in compliance with CE production control. Steel Structure Components EN-1090-2 Certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 for activities: metal construction.